The Royal Photographic Society

Why I join the Royal Photographic Society
Why I join the Royal Photographic Society ? Well there were a number of reasons why I became a member of the RPS, I suppose the first reason was that it had always be a dream of my father to gain a RPS distinction but a sudden end to his life prevented that ambition from materialising, so my goal was to gain a distinction in honour of him.

So I gained my LRPS by presenting a panel of wedding images, and was so pleased when I was granted my LRPS, I felt that I had achieved what my father had wished for. So where to now well after a few years; I now feel that the time has come to prepare to submit my panel for the ARPS, my plan for this going forward is to focus around Fine Art, so I have been photographing Flowers in controlled conditions and so far it seems to be going according to plan, so, as I feel happy with images I will create a gallery on my site so that you can see and comment on my planned submission.

The RPS also run training courses, of which I can attend if I so wish, and recently they have moved into Distance Learning so you have resources available to you so that you can progress as far up the ladder of photography as you wish.